Supporting Gay Marriage

Budweiser, a company you might not think of as a bastion of liberalism, has shown its support for gay marriage.

Anheuser-Busch is not alone. In the midst of the Supreme Court debates about gay marriage, a number of consumer goods (and service) companies have come out on either side of the argument. Not surprisingly, most companies have come out in favor of gay marriage because the vast majority of Americans (also known as consumers) are pro-DOMA. According to an ABC/Washington Post poll:

81% of Americans under 30 support gay marriage, but so do 44% of seniors…Both of these age groups have shown substantial increases in support over the past ten years. Along political lines, 72% of Democrats, 62% of independents and 34% of Republicans support gay marriage. Clearly, most Independents are siding with Democrats on this issue. Again, among all groups, support for gay marriage is on the rise.

This quote is from a recent Psychology Today article which also notes that Amazon’s Kindle comes out for gay marriage as does Expedia. The latter “ad” is really a short viral video, which won Ad Age’s Tear Jerker of the Year Award. When you see it, you will understand why.

My hat is off to this type of corporate responsibility. It does not ask consumers to buy anything, but when they do they know what they are supporting…Which might not always be the case. Take for example, this piece about Chick-fil-A…now talk amongst yourselves.

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