How Does a Leo Man Test a Woman?

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How does a Leo man test a woman? A Leo man is a naturally extroverted person who seeks attention and acclaim from a woman. He may send her texts from an unknown number and make her enter a relationship. He may also enter her home and watch her every move. If you find yourself flirting with another man, he’ll demand to test you. Read More –

Way a Leo man tests a woman is by demanding physical activity

Another way a Leo man tests a woman is by demanding physical activity. If she does not show any resistance, he will stage a minor brawl and force her to leave. But beware of cheap demands. A man who demands such things does not love his woman or his body. He will be very jealous of a woman who resists him. So, if you do want to know how does a Leo man test a woman, learn the tricks of the trade.

Leo men are extroverted and seek a partner who will support their dreams. He will test a woman’s willingness to change for his own good. He may also take her on dates and try to make her do things his way. If a woman is willing to embrace change and support his goals, he is more likely to commit to a relationship. He will even make you the center of attention if you give him that.

If you’re a Leo man, he will try to test your maturity by showing that you can handle his own life. He will test your maturity and sense of humor. If you can resist being ruled by his controlling nature, he’ll test you with subtle ways. For example, he might not answer the phone or return your messages for some time. You might wonder how long he’ll stay with you.

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